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Border measures to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus “COVID-19” in JAPAN

The global pandemic “Covid-19” and other infectious diseases, the level of countermeasures is changing each time in Japan. If you are exhibiting from overseas, please consult with the local embassy about whether you can enter Japan and decide to exhibit. Before sending the application form, please consider whether you can assign an explanation staff to a Japanese agency or affiliated company as a countermeasure in case you cannot enter the country. if you cannot enter Japan, the Organizer and Show Management office will not be held responsible and will not refund the full Exhibition Fee. Exhibitors understand this condition and submit the exhibition application form. If it is difficult to hold the actual exhibition on August 8, 2022, the exhibition will be cancelled at the Science Museum (Kitanomaru Park, Tokyo) and shifted to an online exhibition. This online exhibition is not open to exhibitors from overseas. The online exhibition will be held in Japanese (language) only.

Products and services exhibited

Online databases, information provider services
Information relating to patents, technologies, patent distribution, and judicial precedents on industrial property rights, and corporate information
Proxy research and search services
Proxy research and search services
Copying services
Copying services for domestic and overseas patents, utility models, designs, and trademarks, and overseas literature services
Translation services
Translation services specializing in intellectual property and technical information
Patent map creation services
Creation of patent maps, and analysis, arrangement, development, and research of technology components
Patent-related software
CD-ROM production services, database search software, and RDBMS, BPR, and ERP software, etc.
Office automation equipment and information systems
Filing systems, optical disks, CD-ROM, database search, information management systems, and computer server products
Information/network hardware and software
E-mail and communication software, dedicated browsers, groupware, communications lines, and internet connection services
Knowledge management tools
Knowledge management software, search engines, and groupware
Intellectual property solutions and education
Support for establishment of intellectual property strategy and intellectual property utilization, valuation of intellectual property and intellectual assets, support for R&D and commercialization, intellectual property education, training, and human resource development
Countermeasures against unauthorized access, leakage of classified information, and litigation
Digital forensic services, and e-discovery support services

Guidelines for exhibitors

Exhibit charges and booth specifications
Single booth(1Booth): 2.7 m (width) × 1.8 m (depth) × 2.4 m (height) ¥330,000 10% Japanese consumption tax included.
Exhibit charges and booth specifications
Layout of exhibit booths
Booths may be arranged either parallel to each other or in a block. A block arrangement requires a minimum of four booths. Exhibit displays are also subject to other regulations established by the organizers.
Booth assignment
The organizers assign booths based on the number of booths, the order of application, and whether or not the exhibit includes a demonstration.
How to apply
Please fill out the application form and send it to the Secretariat by post.
Application deadline
August 3 (Wednesday),2022
* Acceptance of applications may be closed when applications reach the maximum limit.
Cancellation of exhibit booths
Cancellation after the Show Management office sends an “invoice” to the exhibitor will be charged as an exhibition fee.
100% of the full amount will be the cancellation fee.
※Note;if you cannot enter Japan, the Organizer and Show Management office will not be held responsible and will not refund the full Exhibition Fee.

Booth setting plan

Basic booths and booth decorations
Organizers will set up basic booths as shown in the diagram above.
If the same exhibitor reserves two or more connecting booths, no separating partitions will be installed between the booths.
Likewise, separating partitions will not be provided for corner booths. Exhibitors are welcome to appoint agents and decorate their own booths (company name boards, exhibit panels, etc.).
Main electricity line construction
The organizers will arrange all electricity line construction from the electricity supply source to cover switches in the exhibit booths.
Cost of main electricity line work: ¥9,900 10% Japanese consumption tax included.(per 1kw)
Electricity charges: ¥2,640 10% Japanese consumption tax included.(1kw during the exhibition)
Electric construction for lighting and demonstrations
Wiring for electric outlets, fluorescent lights and other lighting fixtures, and equipment must be arranged by exhibitors.
Exhibit move-in and move-out
Dates and hours of move-in
November 7 (Monday) 13:00 to 17:00
November 8 (Tuesday) 9:00 to 17:00
Date and hours of move-out
November 11 (Friday) 17:00 to 19:00 (All exhibits must be removed on this day.)

Package plan for booth decoration

The organizers offer a special package plan to help exhibitors reduce costs.
Specifications of the package plan

30 cm width
Carpeting of the entire booth floor
Company name board
Lettering on the parapet with uniform size, color and font type.
For 1-2 booths: 1 board, 3-5 booths: 2 boards
1 florescent light and 2 spotlights behind the parapet per booth
Electric outlet
1 unit per booth

※A separate application must be made for display stands and reception desks.
※The package plan includes the cost of main electricity line construction and electricity charges up to 1 kW per booth, and outlet costs (500 w/unit).

Package plan specifications
No. of booths Fee / 10% Japanese consumption tax included.
1 ¥110,000
2 ¥165,000
3 ¥220,000
4 ¥275,000

To exhibitors from overseas

For exhibitors who need documentation to acquire a visa In principle, the organizers will issue a “Letter of Reason for Invitation” and a “Letter of Guarantee” under the following conditions. The exhibiting company has paid exhibit charges in full. In addition, the exhibiting company has submitted a letter (with a company stamp) to the Secretariat guaranteeing that employee(s) to be granted a visa will comply with Japanese laws and regulations, and that, on the event of unforeseen circumstance during his/her stay in Japan, the company will bear all expenses pertaining to his/her stay in Japan and return travel.



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