A Comprehensive Exhibition of Intellectual Property Utilized in Business

To Exhibit

Products and services exhibited

We cover a wide range of intellectual property-related products, technologies, and services, including patents, utility models, designs, and trademarks.

  • Internet/online database/information provision service
  • Agency research search service
  • Application/management service
  • Copy service
  • Translation service
  • Patent map creation service
  • Intellectual property related software
  • Intellectual property related solutions
  • OA equipment/information system
  • Information/network equipment/software
  • Knowledge/management related tools
  • Unauthorized access/confidential information leakage/litigation related
  • Anti-counterfeit measures
  • Education/training services for human resource development, etc.
  • Related government offices, groups • supporting institutions, universities/research clubs

Guidelines for exhibitors

Exhibition booth specifications
Single booth(1Booth) = 3m (width) × 2m (depth) × 2.7 m (height)
Exhibition fee
Single booth(1Booth)=¥385,000 (10% Japanese consumption tax included.)
Booth form/decoration
1~3 booths Only parallel booths can be decorated up to a height of 2.7m
4 booths Can be selected from parallel booths or block booths.
Can be decorated up to 4m in height (only the part of 1 m from the base wall)
5 booths Only parallel booths
Can be decorated up to 4m in height (only the part of 1 m from the base wall)
6 booths or more An independent booth with 4 sides open. Can be decorated up to 5m in height.
*Please contact the office If you would like parallel booths.
*Layout of booths
Expenses included in the exhibition fee
  • Basic booth (rear wall, side wall/using octanorm)
  • Venue usage fee within the standard time
  • Construction and maintenance costs for shared facilities
  • Visitor promotion fee
  • Invitation letter for the desired number of users
  • Expenses related to visitor services (production of venue guides, etc.)
  • Venue office operation, safety management, security costs
Expenses not included in the exhibition fee
  • Exhibitor’s own booth decoration cost, transportation cost and operating cost
  • Facilities such as electricity, gas, and water
    (Primary trunk line construction cost, secondary side construction cost, and usage fee)
  • Establishment costs and communication charges for communication lines such as Internet lines/temporary telephone lines
  • Insurance premiums for company exhibits and bodily injury
  • Compensation for damage/loss of the venue facilities/equipment and exhibits of other companies
  • Expenses related to leftover materials such as abandoned decorative materials and garbage disposal
  • Other expenses that are not included in the normal exhibition fee
How to apply
Please fill in the necessary items on the separate application form and send it to the secretariat by e-mail, fax, or mail to apply for the exhibition.
Booth assignment
Booth locations will be determined by the office, considering the number of booths, the order of applications, whether there will be demonstrations, etc.
Cancellation of exhibit booths
As a general rule, cancellation of the exhibition after submission of the exhibition application form is not possible. 100% of the total exhibition fee will be charged as a cancellation fee for cancellation after the invoice is sent.
Application deadline
April 28(Friday),2023
* Acceptance of applications may be closed when applications reach the maximum limit.

Package plan for booth decoration

The organizers offer a special package plan to help exhibitors reduce costs.

Package plan fee
1 booth type=110,000yen (tax included)
Package plan specifications
Wall (system panel: white)/parapet (white)/reception counter/floor (carpeted, choose from blue/dark red/gray/green) /LED fluorescent lamp 20w x 1/LED spotlight 15w x 2/folding chair x 1/business card holder x 1/company name display/electric mainline construction cost and usage fee (within 1kw)/outlet x 1
*Please contact the office if you would like to order a decoration set for more than 2 booths.
*Details and additional optional equipment will be provided in the exhibitor manual distributed at the exhibitor briefing.

Exhibitor presentation

PR seminar for your company that will be held during the exhibition period. Linking it with the booth will enhance the effect of the exhibition.

Presentation time:45 minutes during 10:00-17:00, Wed, 9/13-Fri, 9/15, 2023
Venue: Special seminar venue (theater style)
Presentation Fee: 1 session= 165,000 yen (tax included)
①Free attendance (total replacement system for each time)
②Exhibitors are responsible for their own reception and progress. (Responsible for the operation such as business card collection during the reception)
Reception (desks, chairs), auditorium, podium, microphone set, projector, screen, computer guides connected to the Internet, posting the company name/presentation title (subject) on the website, etc.
・Please write the presentation title (subject) in 30 characters or less on the application form.
・Please return the venue and equipment to the original state after the event.
*Only exhibiting companies can participate.
*The presentation date and time will be determined by the sponsor.
*Applications will be closed on a first-come, first-served basis as soon as the space is full.

Schedule until the exhibition

  • April 28(Fri.)

    Deadline for Application
    (sending invoice after receiving the Application Form)

  • End of May

    Sending Exhibitor Manual, Floorplan and other exhibiting material

  • From mid-June

    Promotional Activities

  • September
    11 (Mon.)

    Booth construction, Exhibitors Move-in

  • September

    Exhibitors Move-in

  • September

    10:00-17:00 Exhibition Period

  • September
    14 (Thu)

    10:00-17:00 Exhibition Period

  • September
    15 (Fri)

    10:00-17:00 Exhibition Period, Moving-out from 17:00

To exhibitors from overseas

For exhibitors who need documentation to acquire a visa in principle, the organizers will issue a “Letter of Reason for Invitation” and a “Letter of Guarantee” under the following conditions. The exhibiting company has paid exhibit charges in full. In addition, the exhibiting company has submitted a letter (with a company stamp) to the Secretariat guaranteeing that employee(s) to be granted a visa will comply with Japanese laws and regulations, and that, on the event of unforeseen circumstance during his/her stay in Japan, the company will bear all expenses pertaining to his/her stay in Japan and return travel.


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